Help! I'm just starting out!

22nd Jun 2017

Hi,I'm starting out my Yoga class next week, and was wondering if you are able to recommend to me a mat that suits me?This question is pretty common as we receive such queries from time to time. Your … read more

Why so cheap?

22nd Jun 2017

Often we get excited when we see a deal online. But don't jump to conclusion too soon. Some deals may just be too good to be true.One of our client, Mr. X, comes telling us his experience in such scen … read more

Thicker mat better?

22nd Jun 2017

Often, many of our customers will say they require a thick mat so they get better cushioning. "I have a bad knee and I need a good cushioning". Sounds familiar?Well, before we give a Yes or No answer, … read more

Finding that right clothing size to fit

Posted by Kinetix Yoga on 16th Feb 2014

Clothing size chartIt's important, if not vital to know your own body measurements before purchasing online for your favourite clothing. Don't panic, as it's just a few easy steps to get the best fit … read more